What is stone coated steel roofing?

What is stone coated steel roofing

The stone-coated steel roofs deliver a certain upscale style that no other type of roofing shingle can mimic. These roofing materials are constructed in such a way that they match any style of a home. These materials can match the appearance of less durable and more expensive shingles like the wooden shake shingles. The main selling point for the stone coated steel roofing is the fact that you can paint them in so many different schemes in order for them to match the area that you reside in.

You will not have a hard time to blend your roof with the appearance of the entire house. Most of the Mediterranean style buildings use this type of shingle. They prefer to paint them in the old color so that they can really match the exotic home style that is not very common in the United States. Currently, steel-coated steel roofing is among the leading options in the market.

The idea behind these shingles is to have roofing systems that will last you for the longest time possible. These shingles are basically made of steel and coated with stone. As a result, they are highly resistant to wind damage, heavy rains, bad weather, and all the other forms of damages that the traditional shingles tend to be vulnerable to.

The other reason to coat these steel shingles with stone is to make sure that they don’t produce a lot of noise during the rainstorms. The coating also protects the steel directly so that it doesn’t suffer from tear and wear. If the area that you are residing in is not strange to heavy thunderstorms, you need to think of replacing the current roof with the special stone coated steel roofing. It is one of the roofing designs that will deliver a conducive living environment.

Most varieties of roofing shingles are not able to mimic the appearance of the old-style cedar shake roof. These roofing materials are completely made from cedar plank and come with a distinct characteristic of having a very high-end look. You can install stone-coated shingles to mimic this roofing design all the way to color matching. The reason why most individuals go for stone-coated steel roofing is that they are more long-lasting than cedar shingles. Besides, these roofing materials will also cost you less. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a product that won’t last that long when you already have an alternative to this product.

The stone coated steel shingles can also be used to present other styles of roofing designs. We have so many people who love the modern look of slate roofs. This roofing design appears as if it has no shingles at all. The stone-coated shingles will match this appearance and even present a much sleeker look than the other applications. Whatever you say, the primary role of a roof is protecting the topmost section of your house. There is no better way to do so than using shingles that are made from stone and steel.